What We Do

What We Do

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After years of working on big projects for big companies, we now like to concentrate on smaller projects that are closer to home and important to the people who will live in and use them.  We design homes.  Whether your project be a renovation, a cottage on one of the Gulf Islands, or a large home for a growing family, we have the experience to help you realize your dreams.  In addition to working directly with homeowners, we are also available to supply design services to residential Contractors or Project Managers who are interested in delivering full design/build services to their clients.

Our design process is organic.  We let the site and its users guide us in our work.  We explore ideas on paper, with models and on the computer with the goal of helping you understand your vision and be completely comfortable with the design before you build.

Our goal is to design buildings that are thoughtful, respectful of their geography and delight both its users and passersby.

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Would you like to check the feasibility of your renovation or new build without spending a lot of money on a full design package?  Our Needs and Options Review gives you the information you need before committing to the full design and construction process.