Needs and Options Review

Would you like to check the feasibility of your renovation or new build without spending a lot of money on a full design package?  Our Needs and Options Review gives you the information you need before committing to the full design and construction process.

You’ve decided that you want to renovate your home or build new so that the end result is a custom home that is a reflection of your needs and personality. You’ve been giving it a lot of thought, saved design magazine clippings and have maybe even spoken to Architects only to be intimidated by the costs or process. Or, maybe, you’ve begun the design process without building the foundation of a solid relationship with the Architect or designer. Perhaps work began without first establishing the groundwork identified by a needs and options review.

Needs and Options Review
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The Needs and Options Review Spells Out the Promise

A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis and our Needs and Options Review works the same way.  It starts a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements, then provide findings and recommendations and a plan to move forward with a timeline and rough budget.

The Needs and Options Review Maps the Process

Quite often, I’ve seen clients get excited by their renovation or new build without first laying the foundations necessary for informing the design. You don’t get good design without first doing your homework. A needs and options review is that homework. It allows us to build a foundation from which we can develop a design and build your project. Options are identified at the beginning when changes are easy, rather than midway through your project when changes will be more difficult and costly.

We like to spend time on research and exploring options early on rather than rush you into the design phase.

There are five important steps in building:

  1. Needs and Option Review
  2. Design Phase
  3. Construction Document Phase
  4. Building and Contract Management
  5. Completion Phase

Click on the image above to download the first step, our Needs and Options Review package.